Is Your Business Experiencing a Branding Crisis?

Creating and refining your brand is one of the most important steps for a new, and even existing, business to take. It helps distinguish your business from your competitors, exemplify who you are as a company, and builds brand loyalty—meaning, people know what to expect.

Unfortunately, some businesses never take the initiative to really define their brand. Others, over time, lose their brand and run the risk of losing their business to “the other guys.”

If you’re unsure if your business is suffering from a brand crisis, answer the following questions to find out:

  1. Does your brand have an appealing logo?
  2. Does your brand use cohesive design and visual elements across all materials? (Tip: Eye-catching marketing materials lead consumers to select your product or service over others)
  3. Does your brand use the same voice and messaging across all materials?
  4. Does your brand have clear goals in mind? (Tip: Strategic messaging effectively tells your customer how to respond)
  5. Does your brand have repeat customers? (Tip: Memorable branding builds brand recognition and repeat business)

If the answer to the majority of these questions is “No” — you may be suffering a bit of a brand crisis, but don’t worry, we can help you through it!

Whether you need a full brand overhaul, or simple refinements to your existing logo or other marketing materials, such as your print publications (brochures, catalogs, direct mail pieces), website, social media, or marketing strategy, Back Forty Creative is here to help!

Contact us today for your free consultation or check out the variety of brands we have helped grow to their greatest potential.

ME Awards Show

Aww yeah! Tim was on point at the ME Awards Show last night at the National Blues Museum…we won a BMA Marketing Excellence Award for our Back Forty Creative Integrated Branding Campaign! We’ve always felt integrated, but now it’s official and we couldn’t be more proud.


Design-to-Promote IOGA’s Bike-to-Farm Tour Event

We recently teamed up with the Illinois Organic Growers Association (IOGA) to help brand and visually promote their bike-to-farm tour event in Champaign County, Illinois earlier this month. Participants rode bicycles along the beautiful countryside, through seven organic farms to enjoy fresh food and to meet the farmers who provide it.

Our promotional involvement started with naming the event “Crop Cycle” and continued by developing a three-part logo set. Once in place we integrated the branding into the designs for direct mail, posters, and rider cue sheets.

We’re happy to have been involved with a great event promoting great food, farms, and self-powered transportation. Read more about the bike-to-farm tour on the IOGA website.CC_Logos CC_PostCards CC_Poster CC_Bikes