Do’s and Don’ts for Businesses: Facebook Edition

Unless you’ve been living on a secluded island without wifi for the past decade, you probably at some point have recognized the impact of social media has had on the world. And even more so, how businesses are using it to their advantage.

In honor of World Social Media Day—June 30—we are sharing our “Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts for Facebook Business Pages. So, if you hold the responsibility of managing a business page for your company, or perhaps are thinking about setting one up, keep reading!


  1. Look professional. Include your brand logo and utilize the cover photo area. Fill your page with important information about your company, and make sure there are no spelling errors!
  2. Create content. Create interesting, useful, and relevant content that will engage your followers.
  3. Share content. Share related content by reliable sources who have your same mission, but perhaps offer a different point-of-view.
  4. Actively engage. Interact with your followers by liking and replying to their comments.
  5. Create a calendar. This helps hold accountability, even during busy times!
  6. Post regularly. It’s important to post often and when your audience is online.
  7. Respond to messages. Respond to any outreach in a timely manner. If not, you might lose potential business to the “other guy.”
  8. Include a call-to-action. This includes links to drive website traffic or asking your followers to do something—like complete a review.
  9. Run ads. Paid advertising is an effective way to garner new followers, enhance engagement, drive website traffic or generate leads.
  10. Excel in #hashtags. Use hashtags to increase interaction. This also allows people to easily find you during a search.


  1. Oversell your product or service. Remember to engage your followers and not just speak to them.
  2. Oversaturate the newsfeed. Space your posts out so that people aren’t inclined to unfollow you.
  3. Be unprofessional. Even with unhappy customers, it is important to show the utmost care in your response. Note that your response is viewable to all and can easily be shared.
  4. Forget about the weekends. Weekends are often the easiest time for people to get online, so don’t forget to post or schedule posts ahead of time.
  5. Plagiarize or steal content. Sharing valuable content is fine and highly encouraged, but don’t claim it as your own — give credit where it is due!
  6. Overuse #hashtags. Make sure they are trending and often used. #EnoughSaid
  7. Post just to post. Ensure you are posting relevant, high-quality content which you would want to appear in your feed.
  8. Forget to brand your page. You have a brand for a reason, and brand loyalty will only continue if it’s cohesive through all channels.
  9. Post long and boring updates. Make sure your posts are short and sweet, with a call-to-action.
  10. Don’t forget photos and videos. These posts get higher engagement and often reach more people.

If you’re new to social media, it can be daunting and time-consuming. An effective business page has lots of moving pieces. If your business lacks the resources to manage your business page, Back Forty Creative can help! From content development and curation, business page designs, targeted marketing, blog planning, and writing, and strategy for social channels — we do it all!

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Green Tree Woodworks — From Outdoors to Online

For the past few months, the Back Forty Creative team has had the opportunity to work with a new client, Green Tree Woodworks.

Green Tree Woodworks is a leading manufacturer of outdoor, wooden swing sets and playsets. With over 25 years of experience, they pride themselves on their high-quality construction and their wide variety of builds.

To better showcase their quality products and services, Green Tree Woodworks decided to move from outdoors to online with a new website design. The site implements a user-friendly interface, making finding product information quick and easy. It also features a blog to supply their customers with helpful information while boosting their search engine optimization (SEO).

We also created Facebook and Instagram pages to help grow their business online. Each month, we work with them to develop a social media strategy to best engage their online audience. We create customized content and schedule paid Facebook and Instagram promotions to reach new and existing clients across their targeted demographic.

Prior to working on their new website and social media pages, we also updated their logo and brand identity to better showcase who they are as a brand.

Overall, we are happy because our client is happy! Green Tree Woodworks owner, Steve. S. recently shared:

 “I am very happy with the results I have been getting with Back Forty Creative. They have taken my business to a new level. Customers have more ways of getting a hold of us and do not have to look hard to find us. I am also very happy with the service and the people I work with.”

 Is your business in need of a new website? Or perhaps you just want to start out on social media? Either way, Back Forty Creative can help! From strategy to responsive design and development to search engine optimization (SEO) — we do it all!

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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Be on Social Media

As people spend more time at home, they are spending more time online. 2020 reports show that 3.8 billion people are using some platform of social media. Therefore, if you’re trying to grow your business, online is the best possible place to be right now since people are relying on it more than ever. In addition to being simple, efficient, and cost-effective, when done correctly, social media marketing can:

  1. Build brand loyalty. By sharing relevant content, you can create a dialogue which speaks to your consumers interests instead of just selling to them.
  2. Get your message out in the quickest way possible. This is extremely effective for new products, services, and special offers.
  3. Increase traffic to your website and provide a new means for your customers to get in contact with you.
  4. Best reach your target audience. Paid ads help target individuals most likely in need of your brand’s products and services.
  5. Decrease marketing costs. Social media is relatively cheap compared to other traditional forms of marketing, and you get to set your advertising budget.

If you’re new to social media, it can be daunting. While some platforms may work great for some businesses, it may not work as wells for others. Whether you’re in need of choosing the right platforms, developing a strategy, or creating ads and content, Back Forty Creative can help!

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